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Seagar Design is an interior design studio founded by Adrienne Seagar in 1994. With the recent addition of Natalie Seagar, the company is expanding into the retail space, opening a concept store, ‘In Black’, in Auckland in November 2019. The store’s products explore the relationship between space, light and the colour black through form, materiality and texture.

WebGL cube in action

The concept of materiality was a central focus — the website opens with an interactive 3D cube. Each of the cube's 6 faces displays a different material taken from Seagar Design’s real-life inventory. This was a particularly challenging feature to realise, and the cube geometry and texturing was painstakingly done by Will Cook, before being implemented on the web with the three.js WebGL library.

Big cubes

Each page scrolls to form a grid mirroring the logo and image sets are randomly selected

The end,