The DJ and the War Crimes 



My role

  • Design
  • Development
  • Art direction


  • Sophia Jones
  • Nidžara Ahmetašević
  • Milivoje Pantović
  • Gladeye
  • Alastair Gray
  • Alfie Chiong
  • Antony Zouch
  • Cody Dunstan-Brown
  • Kate Scherz
  • Tarver Graham
  • William Hamlin
  • Starling Lab
  • Adam Rose
  • Benedict Lau
  • Jonathan Dotan
  • Josh Lee
  • Yurko Jaremko
  • Rolling Stone
  • Sean Woods
  • Joseph Hutchinson
  • Lisa Tozzi
  • Matthew Cooley
  • Kyle Rice
  • Sacha Lecca
  • Rick Carp
  • Jason Maxey

In April 1992, at the dawn of the Bosnian war, a Serbian paramilitary group known as Arkan’s Tigers massacred civilians in the Bosnian town of Bijeljina.

Photojournalist Ron Haviv witnessed the killings and captured the moment one of the soldiers swung his boot at the head of Tifa Šabanović, who’d been fatally shot moments before. The photo went on to become a defining image of the conflict, but 30 years later none of Arkan’s Tigers have stood trial for their alleged part in those crimes. “The DJ and the War Crimes,” is a digital storytelling site for Rolling Stone and The Starling Lab. The article combines investigative journalism with blockchain technology to identify the murderer and push for justice 30 years on.

Recognition for the work includes an Emmy Award nomination, an ASME Ellie for Best Digital Design, and The National Press Photographers Association‘s First for Innovation.

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