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  • Development


Future of the Future is a series of events held by Semi Permanent and Spark Lab, featuring speakers from the likes of Airbnb, Instagram and Kickstarter. Cactuslab worked with Alt Group to build a new site for the events’ programme.

The site opens with the macOS spinning wheel of doom, which grows to form the background that slowly moves around as you navigate through the site. The team had a lot of “fun” with browser performance on this one. Early explorations were causing browsers to crash and it wasn’t looking good for a while there but shoutout to Mike for sorting it out.

Although it’s all aligned to a grid, the content appears to float over the moving background. It’s quite soothing actually - therapeutic, even. If you can tune out the noise of your computer’s fans attempting to become airborne, that is (again, browser performance is hard fun).

Since it’s single-page, we could implement page transitions, which is one of my favourite parts of the site. Under the hood there’s quite a bit of trickery going on to make this work but as they say, where there’s smoke (and mirrors), there’s 🔥🔥🔥.

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